My work centers around a fundamental belief that everyone needs a story by which they live, a community with whom they belong, and a meaningful purpose to which they contribute.

This is my humble contribution to the world.

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What I am reading, studying, thinking about, and processing can be found on my blogs:



My wife and I co-founded Spark.Church in October, 2012. We are a community whose mission is to Inspire People To Live The Way of Jesus. We identify with core values rather than statements of belief, and we fully embrace questions, doubts, wrestling, study, culture, and justice.




VIA Leadership Center is a leadership and organizational health consultancy. I help people become good leaders who forge healthy organizations comprised of effective teams that produce great results for the sake of a better world.




Come And Learn To Walk Israel-In-Depth Study Tours are physical, historical, archaeological, and spiritual. Designed for Christians who want to know the original context of their story, these tours transform how we read our Bibles, and our identity as followers of Jesus.