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Israel-in-Depth Study Tours


about our tours

My wife and I have been leading tours to Israel since 2006. Our approach is distinct from typical "holy land tours" that can feel like a kind of "Spiritual Disneyland," where the land and people exist for our own religious entertainment.

 Our tours focus on helping Christians be better followers of Jesus through the study of their history and tradition as found in the biblical texts. We do so through three specific values.

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Academic Integirty

This is a study tour. Because Jesus and his movement was a historical phenomenon, all the scientific disciplines of history are critically important for understanding Christianity and what discipleship means for us today. We provide a robust education on the archaeology, historical geography, cultural anthropology, linguistic, and more, and are committed to these scientific disciplines in our teachings.

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Modern and Ancient Engagement


In addition to being on millennia-year-old archaeological sites, we also discover modern culture, people, and events. The land and its people are a present and active living history that demands our respect and curiosity. Learning more about who Jesus was then compells us to consider carefully his Way applied to now. This includes learning deeply about the complex and diverse tapestry of religious commitments, philosophical views, and tribal identities throughout the past and the present.

Long-Term Commitment


We believe trips like this should impact the rest of your life. In addition to our two-weeks together in the land, we provide helps that will allow you to continue this kind of study on your own. We are also available as teachers/consultants. And we hope you feel familiar and comfortable enough to return, and maybe even bring people you know to also experience their faith through this transformational perspective.

We'd love for you to join us!
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