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the bible in motion

"Hover" is our pilot video to show what kind of compelling media we wish to create with your help. Please watch and share, helping us spread the word about this project.

Credits: Thank you to Matthew Berry for the music tracks, the Pennsylvania Game Commission for the eagle footage, Dylan Glenn for his typography/graphics work, and Danny Angotti at Atomic Productions for the use of their studio.

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The Bible as an ancient text has captivated readers, students, politicians, poets, and the religiously devout for millennia. Over the past several decades, scholars have made tremendous advancements that have provided a wealth of information and insight previously unknown or understood by students of the Bible. Developments in history, archaeology, anthropology, and linguistics have transformed how we read, understand, interpret, and apply the Bible. We believe that the work of each of these disciplines enriches and transforms our reading of the Bible.

Therefore, our mission is to create videos and resources that educate and inspire people with Biblical teaching that is both artistically captivating and academically trustworthy.

It is our hope that those who engage with this media will have a greater understanding of the Bible, are more fully educated on the bible's historical context, and are inspired to live in the traditions and pathways of our ancient ancestors.


​We are currently working on video #2, entitled "A Better Story," and have plans to continue filming as time and resources allow.